'My Bliksem' aftershave balm 'Shark Dive'

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Shark dive is hip, fresh and modern and has a leathery swing to it, but not as heavily manly as our more traditional '14' aftershave. The top notes will sing Bergamot and Cinnemon, the medium notes will be played by Orange blossom, Honeysuckle and Yasmin, while the base notes will be strummed by Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Musk and Vanilla. This is a very popular fragrance loved and enjoyed by both men and women, both on themselves or on their partners, somewhat of a 'Unisex' fragrance we suppose..

The name 'My Bliksem' was derived from the amazement we experienced when we first compared this product to other mainstream products that are out there. Typical utterances you may need to exclaim are; 'My Bliksem die goed voel bedonnerd lekker op my vel' or 'My Bliksem hoekom vind ek nou eers uit van die puik produk', or 'My Bliksem man, wie het gesê jy mag MY MB gebruik!!!??? If you use Google to translate phrases above you may think I am talking about the weather, I'm not, just know it feels damn good on the skin!

We have formulated this balm with a huge focus on sustainable skincare. Branding, marketing hype, appearance and cost all took a backseat to the primary objective, to produce a balm that feels damn good on your skin and takes the job of nourishing and protecting your skin very seriously. Fragrance preferences are something that is quite unique to each and every user, and for this reason we have developed no less than 12 differently fragranced balms to allow you to find one that really fits your personality, style and liking. Use less product in the mornings and apply more liberally before bedtime. This balm can be used at any time and anywhere, so keep a few jars at home, work, in the sports bag and even in your car, use whenever you feel a bit ‘rough and dry’. The balm will also do an excellent job anywhere on your body where relief is required from burns, chafing, insect bites and dry skin.

This balm is unlike anything out there, it is made right here in South Africa using only natural main ingredients sourced from small scale farmers and businesses. This balm is highly concentrated and is very economical, it contains no water, preservatives or chemicals so a little goes a long way, a dollop as small as your pinky finger nail or less is all that is required to cover your entire face and neck area. If your skin looks too shiny or feels oily after massaging into your face and neck for 30 to 60 seconds, you are more than likely using too much, it is really that simple. Unlike most modern balms and aftershaves there are no liquids that will evaporate after application, whatever you apply is absorbed by your skin, feeding, protecting and nourishing it to a state of natural well being.

The main ingredient for this series of balms is Highveld grass fed tallow that have been processed by using water directly from the earth and coarse sea salt from the Kalahari desert, to this we have added some lovely plant oils and butters; Virgin cold pressed Olive oil from the fairest Cape, Shea butter all the way from Ghana, Beeswax and Propolis from Gauteng and a touch of cold pressed Coconut oil from beautiful Mozambique. Perfectly natural skin food made for folks who can distinguish between buying a great product versus dropping cash on an extensively marketed brand.

The product has no colorants in it, texture and color (off white to golden yellow) is determined by the ingredients and oils used in the specific balm. The tallow and essential oils used both play a part, and texture can vary from smooth, hard and creamy to soft and airy with small particles of oils or fats in suspension.

The tub contains 100 ml of soothing goodness, refills will be available soon at around R100 bucks a pop, so hang on to your tin!



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
It’s perfect

Makes every shave, even every morning better. Great product and makes your skin feel lekker!!

Edouard de Villiers
Good at doing everything a balm should

I received this balm as a gift included in one of my orders. Previously I've been accustomed to using O'douds's aftershave cream and Nivea's aftershave lotion before that.
First off, the scent of "Shark Dive" is a very pleasant, fresh and ozonic fragrance that isn't too overpowering, but absolutely succeeds in evoking thoughts of visiting the beach during summertime.
The balm is firm at room temperature and requires you the exert a bit of pressure to raise a bit to rub and warm up between your hands. There are small bits of shea butter that you'll have to rub a bit longer to emulsify in your hands.
You don't need a lot for one application. It has a bit more tug when applying compared to the aforementioned products, but it's very soothing to the skin none the less. Your face will feel very moisturized, nourished and protected after a proper shave.
After I've used up my existing stock of aftershave creams, I'll definitely use up this current tin and look forward to trying the other fragrances. This one is solid.