Naked Mpingo (CB242)

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One of the things I have come to appreciate of some woods as a brushmaker is natural appearance of some of them, African Blackwood to me has something that sets it apart, it delivers an ashy, black/brown/purple appearance when bone dry and not coated with anything, and it goes all 'dark and mysterious' when wet. I love the appearance of African Blackwood in its dry, natural, uncoated state, and have decided to make a few and make them available in this format. You are obviously welcome to 'enhance the appearance' with a muti of sorts, our 'My Bliksem' balm will also work a charm.

a Stubby shorty with a soft Silvertip hairdo.  

The brush stands 94 mm tall, with the loft at 45 mm. It has a waist of 32 mm and a belly of 39 mm. The brush weighs 69 grams and has a 24 mm Silvertip knot in it.

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