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This offer is also known as the 'Ek ruik 'n rot' and the 'Hau! Ithi unamanga' promotion. Exploring a new way to shave cheaper, better and cooler has never been this cheap or easy! This offer comprises of 1 X all metal DE1 razor in our 'Boendoebaard' or 'Bundubeard' logo, also 10 blades from various suppliers to see which blade works best with your skin and beard profile.

Add value by adding another DE1 razor or DE2 Rose gold razor for your partner, a stand or two, and a blade combo with 40 blades that will last you a year! All this ships for free as add-ons to our original offer!

All we can add to this completely bonkers offer are the words; 'Get ready for some great shaves'

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