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Ouma Hanna's boerseep is well known locally and overseas, it is made with a cold water process where no heat is used, a constant labor intensive stirring process is the catalyst that provides the energy required for the lard and soda to create this powerful soap.

Made for generations in the Calvinia district, this soap has no shortage of fans and users, feel free to give it a go, but do try it in all its applications, we are pretty sure it will become a have-to-have item on your monthly shopping list. Bar weight 200+ grams. Instructions below, also recommended as a shaving medium for guys/girls with sensitive skin. 

Directions (cold & warm water) 

Clothing : Whiter than white, removes spots & fat stains
Cold water : For stubborn stains like red wine, 
pomegranate juice, blood, mud, curry, ink
Warm water : For fatty stains like oil, grease diesel & fat
Pots & Pans: For a spotless shine
Mats, baths, showers: Scrub, let it stand for a bit and rinse.


Use as handwashing soap, it is very soft on the skin.
Soak overnight for best results.


Customer Reviews

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Great for removing stains

Great for removing stains on clothing.
Rub and lather, then let dry. Wash like normal in washing machine.

There is something magical about this bar!

I don't often write reviews on products I purchase, however, this product deserves one. I have been using it for a few months now, and the first thing I can say is this: your skin will love this soap. Not only will it help clean your body, it surprisingly, and I don't know why this works, will keep your body odor at bay much longer when compared with other soaps (even the handmade/natural glycerin bars). I use an Alum stone as roll-on, and when I switch from this soap to another, I can immediately smell the alum is not keeping that sweat smelling good... So I have tried many soaps, but really, this product is essential. You can wash your body, your hair, your beard, your dishes, your counters, your clothes, you can use it as shaving soap... all I can say is this, wowzers, sometimes things become traditional for silly reasons, but I am glad this boerseep traditional recipe is still around for us okes who enjoy simplicity, one soap to rule them all :)

Great boerseep

Works great as a shower soap and cleans very very well! I can definitely recommend this one!

Charlene Webb

From the very first moment I started using Ouma Hanna's Boerseep, I literally fell inlove with this soap. And when my employer bought me a bar, I felt like I've received the best gift ever. I am very stingy with the usage of my bar of soap, too scared that it will get smaller. I live in Atlantis, near Melkbosstrand and want to be able to get hold of this soap easily and as quick as my bar is done. Is there a shop nearby where I can go buy it from, please?