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Parker is a manufacturer from India that has been producing fine hardware since 1973, you can bet your bottom rupee you are in good hands if you pick one of their products. This is where performance, quality and value for money comes together in razor universe. Their razors vary from fairly conservative to outright Bollywood splendour, and boy do they ever have the moves!  Their shaving action ranges from mild to medium aggressive, so basically anyone can use them.

Another open comb oldschool bad-ass razor from the Indian manufacturer, the open comb guard makes this razor a tad more aggressive than most, but still very comfortable, a great razor for the guy who shaves less often, or who needs a nice close shave from a single pass. We love the chunky lines in the head and the subtle curves on it. The razor has great heft, and the chrome finish on the 3-piece head blends in perfectly with the stainless steel handle. Knurling on the stainless offers better grip than most razors, so if you have soap all over your hands when shaving this one is certainly worth a look at. Simple, durable, functional...always a win in a razor. This is a heavy razor at 115 grams, with a height of 108 mm, and man do we love this sitting in our hand!     

Customer Reviews

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Agressive but surprisingly comfortable

After using the Parker 68s for a few weeks I can honestly say that this is a great razor if you want to step up from closed comb to something more aggressive. It has the same stainless steel handle as the Parker 64s so it's comfortable and secure in your hands even if they are wet or soapy.

With shaving it is very smooth and comfortable and gets very close. I would say that this is a medium agg

Nasher Singh
First impressions

I Just received my razor. It looks great and as expected the handle is identical to the Parker 64s infact it's the same superb stainless steel handle which is why I ordered it. I will write a proper review of this razor after about a month.

Thanks to Jaco for promptness I'n delivery and all-round good service and thanks also for the sample puck of the Rooibos shampoo bar I look forward to trying it out today.

Douw Steenkamp
A brilliant piece of hardware.

I am unfortunately the kind of guy who enjoys lathering and applying the soap/cream more than the actual razor. Therefore the 68S is my favorite razor in my collection so far. The fact that it will shave me almost baby but smooth in one pass, and definitely in to, make this a win in my book.

Yes, it is aggressive. If you make a mistake, it might bite your face off, but as my dad always told me, open your eyes and pay attention to what you are doing.

I would actually recommend this to the beginner, some will disagree, but this is my opinion as a blind wet shaver.