Parker 78R safety razor

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Parker is a manufacturer from India that has been producing fine hardware since 1973, you can bet your bottom rupee you are in good hands if you pick one of their products. This is where performance, quality and value for money comes together in razor universe. Their razors vary from fairly conservative to outright Bollywood splendour, and boy do they ever have the moves!  Their shaving action ranges from mild to medium aggressive, so basically anyone can use them.

The 78R is exciting as it has a brand new head design that is different from the most commonly used Parker 3 pieces, it looks more defined and streamlined with very modern, simplistic aesthetics. Sometimes going back to basics is a good thing, and for this razor it certainly worked! I'd classify this a great Unisex razor, perfect for male, female, young and old, and also folks who like a modern, minimalistic look for their bathroom or grooming station.

The razor head is nice and wide, and the tabs of the blades are concealed for sides that are smooth to the touch, the simple design is sleek and slim, and surprisingly solid as solid metal was used to birth these beauties. The razor has excellent knurling on a handle that has a medium to long length.

The razor has 3 cool finishes, White chrome, Gunmetal or Graphite and Satin Chrome. they have a solid brass frame coated in a durable finish.

 This razor weighs a 80 grams, with a overall height of 106mm. 

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