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Parker is a manufacturer from India that has been producing fine hardware since 1973, you can bet your bottom rupee you are in good hands if you pick one of their products. This is where performance, quality and value for money comes together in razor universe. Their razors vary from fairly conservative to outright Bollywood splendour, and boy do they ever have the moves!  Their shaving action ranges from mild to medium aggressive, so basically anyone can use them.

The 87R is a TTO (twist to open) razor, it's quite short and resemble safety razors of yesteryear. During the war all materials were in short supply, and steel that could be used to make weapons would certainly not have been added to add 'appeal' to a razor's handle, or weight to a soldiers backpack. Short and functional, with some real pretty patterns on the handle. A little porker at 85 grams, and standing 87 mm tall. We like this one a lot, a very good looking short handled TTO razor at a price that borders on ridiculously cheap!

Customer Reviews

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Edouard de Villiers
This could be your daily driver

The 87R is one of the few TTO razor models made by Parker. It has a very classical styling to it, being of a more traditional length (on the shorter size) and with nice shiny chrome plating.
The knurling on the handle is excellent: very well-defined, aggressive and grippy. Its size also means that it is quite nimble in the hand, despite having good heft to it.
The opening action is quite smooth, not as smooth as an old Gillette, but no issues.

Shaving with it, I used a Wizamet Super Iridium blade and some Arko shaving soap.
I'd rate the aggressiveness of the razor as being around the medium mark. It's good for getting a smooth shave with 1-2 passes or doing blade buffing. Although being of medium aggressiveness, the shave was comfortable and I didn't have any issues getting into the areas below my nose or the fold where my jawline meets my neck.

I think that if TTO razors and classical styling are your thing, and you don't want to use a vintage razor, this is a very solid contender for being a "daily driver" razor.

Jacques Badenhorst

Solidly built razor with a nice weight to it. Lovely tactile engravings on the handle make it easy to handle and index. The butterfly mechanism works well and is a lot less finicky than the 3 part razors. Great razor.

Wayne Millard
Parker 87R a wet shavers TOC (tool of choice)

Unboxing this "Bollywood Babe, I was struck by the chrome finish - which btw is not blingy but actually compliments the vintage homage nicely. This TTO old-school shave tool is neatly styled after the Gillette Aristocrat and doesn't disappoint. I used both Supermax and Gillette Minora blades, preferring the later. The gnurling on the handle is superb. For an instrument with a short handle, the balance is spot on. It feels solid and the silo doors lock well. The shave might be termed mild - medium, which rocks for those gents suffering from ingrown hairs and sensitive skin. The recommended second pass is painless and enjoyable with no nicks, sealing the deal with BBS flair.

Love it!

This little beauty is quite a bit heavier than I expected, feels good in hand and effortlessly rids me of stubble. It won't be to everyone's taste as many prefer a taller razor: I can go either way.
Money well spent without a doubt!