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Double edged adjustable razors have remained popular since their introduction into the mainstream consumer market with the Gillette Fatboy in the 1950's, but their single edge counterparts have lagged behind with only a few vintage models floating around untill quite recently when a few makes started once again to produce razors using this type of blade with some sort of adjustability, The new Supply razor, and the vintage PAL and Schicks being the better known ones. 

Parker has recently jumped into this sector with their injector adjustable razor looking much like the earlier vintage models. Pretty sensible as it is a proven concept and has no expensive design or engineering costs, there is also an opening in the market and many shavers are very comfortable with the brand and this type of razor.

The blade gap looks to be quite intimidating, but the razor is in the mild to medium aggressive range, its very light so a nice razor for a quick and easy 3 pass shave, dressing the missed spots will be super fast and effective. Blade angle is guided by the flat portion on the head, tilt it forward a bit and there you go, it takes a shave or two to get it perfect, but at the same time not difficult at all during the first shave.

The build quality is certainly not that of the sturdy double edged blades adjustables, but that is not what this razor is built for. It's a great modern shaver at a good price that will attract shavers that are curious about single edge razors but who are not into vintage gear and those who prefers mainstream brands. The razor looks and feel a lot like the vintage PAL's and Schicks, so I feel fairly confident that these will last just as well.

All my rumblings put aside, there is only one way to find out if this is for you, SHAVE IT!

a Recent review right here! I don't agree with Geo on the flat side being a 'guide' and decided to do a quick blog on it.

It weighs 35 grams and is 126 mm tall and comes loaded with a fresh blade.