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Our brushes are delicate tools that whips up lavish soft lathers for us, how can we ever chuck them in a toiletry bag and treat them like a tube of toothpaste? No way, we need to pay homage to our hairy little buddies by providing them with safe and secure housing whenever not propped up for display or in use, and not any old RDP housing....Lush black leather with a double strengthened backing to provide ample support for these little ouks, and to minimize possible damage to it's handle or crown. This pouch has enough ventilation to allow for healthy storage conditions as prolonged, moist conditions are the enemy. The finish on these pouches are top class, and you won't regret this purchase. The pouch will accept most brushes in the 20 mm to 26 mm knot range, depending on the size of the handle. The brush in the pics has a 26 mm Finest two band knot, the brush stands 112 mm tall and has a diameter of 41 mm at the widest point of the handle.