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The Pearl Flexi is the first adjustable razor from Pearl razors based in India, as this razor is a new model we'll simply copy and paste their description of it until it has done a few rounds. Here goes...

The Pearl Flexi razor is all set to leave its mark as a game-changer in the whole wet shaving world. This innovative piece of the razor is made of 100% Brass & 100% CNC machine process. Each razor will come up with its own unique serial number which will differ from razor to razor. It is a two-piece adjustable razor suitable for both beginners as well as experienced ones. This razor has multiple 6 digit setting numbers which is “1-6” with 1 being the mildest & 6 being aggressive. It can be used in all types of skin including sensitive or not so sensitive. These custom settings varies from one individual to another as per their beard growth, their experience & preferences. This razor has it all what a perfect shaver would always demand & worth every penny! The supremely creative pearl Flexi will work wonders in your shaving routine & the luxurious feeling after the outcomes will reveal the hidden gentleman in you.

Kevy have taken the Flexi for a spin and he liked it, a good razor, very similar to the REX, but obviously cheaper, mosty on account of materials used and the required engineering activity during manufacturing, have a look here.

With this razor, blade types Willy’s, Wilkinson sword & Supermax platinum plus worked well for us.

Bundubeard Tip....shave AFTER the night out with the boys, but BEFORE you head home to the missus, this way your wife will meet the perfect gentleman in you and not the tanked up version that burps and farts like a dilapidated Eskom boiler trying to get going. Engen truck stop here we come! 

The specs;

Razor Total Height: 90 MM

Razor Handle Height: 83 MM

Razor Type: Two piece adjustable razor

Razor Head Type: Close Comb.

Razor Weight: 142 grams

Blade Gap: 0.35 MM – 1.40MM

In the box;

Razor & stand, cleaning cloth, user guide and warranty card.



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very nice

I have been searching for quite awhile for an adjustable razor and I am very happy with this purchase.
I opted for the model 2 as I know from research that the first version had some alignment issues but I don't notice any issues with the model 2.

Its a very well built razor, very heavy and the adjustment is smooth. I truly believe this razor will last a very long time if taken care of.

I had to adjust my technique slightly due to the heavy weight but now I cant be happier. It is smooth as can be and I will probably stick with this razor for a very long time.


So impressed with the fit, finish and value for money. I was worried about blade alignment but couldn’t be happier with the quality of the shave, used setting 1 and 2 and had no need to go more aggressive.

Jaco is so passionate, enthusiastic, honest and unbiased in the advice he gave me, now I need something to make my beard grow quicker.

Peter Botes
Pearl Flexi

Pearl Flexi review

I suppose I should have chosen a more well known razor to do my 1st review, to present a baseline...but that's not to be.
The Pearl Flexi, a beautiful classic looking razor (it is a clone, but then most razors are...)
It is a well made, sturdy short handled, adjustable razor. It shaves like a demon, a nice one. I can get a DFS with a single pass and BBS with a double, which is much more efficient to me than my Parker Variant. However, I have experienced the odd weeper or feels a tad less smooth than the PV, It could be the shorter handle, the different shave angle and my technique with a new razor. The razor blade also plays a part.
My overall opinion...not as smooth as my PV, but definitely more efficient. Definitely worth the money. There are slight alignment problems but not every time, it appears in the higher settings, and can be corrected.
The Bottom Line
I'm very happy with my purchase...