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The Pearl Flexi is the first adjustable razor from Pearl razors in India, as this razor is a brand new model we'll simply copy and paste their description of it until it has done a few rounds. Here goes... The Pearl Flexi razor is all set to leave its mark as a game-changer in the whole wet shaving world. This innovative piece of the razor is made of 100% Brass & 100% CNC machine process. Each razor will come up with its own unique serial number which will differ from razor to razor. It is a two-piece adjustable razor suitable for both beginners as well as experienced ones. This razor has multiple 6 digit setting numbers which is “1-6” with 1 being the mildest & 6 being aggressive. It can be used in all types of skin including sensitive or not so sensitive. These Custom settings varies from one individual to another as per their beard growth, their experience & preferences. With this razor, we recommend blades of Willy’s, Wilkinson sword & Supermax platinum plus to get you the perfect shave.

This razor has it all what a perfect shaver would always demand & worth every penny! The supremely creative pearl Flexi will work wonders in your shaving routine & the luxurious feeling after the outcomes will reveal the hidden gentleman in you. Now what do you know, some extra value NO other razor offers! Bundubeard Tip....shave AFTER the night out with the boys, but BEFORE you head home to the missus, Engen truck stop here we come! 

The specs;

Razor Total Height: 90 MM

Razor Handle Height: 83 MM

Razor Type: Two piece adjustable razor

Razor Head Type: Close Comb.

Razor Weight: V1 138 grams, V2 142 grams

Blade Gap: 0.35 MM – 1.40MM

In the box;

Razor & stand, cleaning cloth, user guide and warranty card.

Fresh on the market and there is already (as with most new razors) lots of talk going round in shaving circles, one area of most concern is uneven alignment of the bottom bar if you open/close the top cap around setting 3.5. I have noticed this on one razor, but not on a second. I have a feeling the 'play' that exists will be more prevalent when the razor is dry/contaminated, and less so when used daily. It is not something I am overly concerned about as the razor comes with a warranty and the owners assured me personally any/all problems will be resolved should they arise. Something as simple as a cap replacement can be the solution, or maybe a stiffer spring in the chamber. On the occasions that it did that it was not hard to resolve, a quick press with three fingers would line everything up firmly in a second. I had a pleasant first shave with the razor, and will post some more findings in a week or two. My only gripe with my first shave was that I expected a closer shave on the top setting, but I'll play around with blades (I used the manufacturer's 'Willys' brand) and the razor to see if I can get to the happy zone, The low setting was smooth and on point and left my stubble at an even, slightly protruding length, perfect for sensitive skin or guys with problem skin/areas.

The revised model has arrived and the action lowering the bar is even, smooth and controlled. The new model is 4 grams heavier, so I suspect the spring was upgraded. The dial is certainly tighter than the first version, and you are going to have proper grip to adjust with soapy hands, on the other hand this is a great feature if you dial up before you shave as there is no way it will adjust by accident. 

We have been authorised by the supplier to sell the Model 1 at a reduced rate to recover our shipping costs on the replacement razors, so grip a bargain while it is available, both of these razors presents serious bang for your buck!

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