Parker PTABK Professional Barber shavette.

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Parker has shown just how innovative they are by producing a shavette that has 3 different inserts that allows for the adjustment of the amount of exposure the disposable blade presents to the user. Adjustable razors are nothing new to the most of us, but one generally only gets this feature in safety razors and injector razors, having an adjustable shavette is something new that users can now dig into when searching for the perfect tool to destroy their stubble. Although we have little experience from a Barber's perspective, the razor also promises to fill a lot of other functions to gentlemen who not simply shaves, but who have a more intricate regime with trimming, such as fading and lining up of light and heavier beards.

According to the manufacturers website the most likely uses per setting are as follows;

1. Low Blade Exposure: Useful for light beard growth or bulk shave jobs, hot towel shaves, etc. where a lower, more stable blade exposure is needed
2. Medium Blade Exposure: Most all-around usage with moderate blade exposure for many different shaving tasks
3. High Blade Exposure: Useful for more detailed work and shapeups where more visible blade exposure is required.

As we all know razors do not perform and feel the same for all of us, so you may use it in other ways, the way I know myself I'd probably turn up the volume all the way and let the soap fly all over the place, bottom line....use it in the way best suited to you, and the best way to find out how is to play around with various exposure settings and tasks at hand.

As with many shavettes this one uses ordinary double edged blades simply snapped in half, they can be found here on our website.

The shavette is made from stainless steel and available in two designs, all black and with a black blade holder with white scales. the all black version weighs 45 grams while the white handled version is quite a bit lighter at 29 grams.

Both versions comes in a nice box with instructions a space to store the inserts not in use.

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