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I once worked on a project in Kasese, a small town in Western Uganda, it is bordered by the  beautiful Rwenzori mountains and the Congo in the west. We supported quite a few local businesses, many of them Indian owned, when I put this soap to nose it takes me right back to these shops, the sandalwood/turmeric combination seems to be an exact match to the incense the owners used to burn in their establishments and homes. Parker’s shave soaps contain premium natural ingredients for smooth and comfortable shaves that softens and conditions your skin. The lather generated is rich, thick, and lasting.

We normally don't import soaps as we love to support local, but as our shipments from this supplier is regular and quite large we figured we'll add a few bars to give our customers access to some soaps manufactured in India. The offering comes in a cardboard box, wrapped in plastic to prevent moisture ingress, it would be wise to take one of our empty tubs and grate this soap down in it, it will save you loads of frustration and time over its period of use. It is quite a small bar at a 100 grams, but as it is a hard soap it will give you a 100 plus face shaves.

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