Parker Variant (UR2)

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Parker is a manufacturer from India that has been producing fine hardware since 1973, you can bet your bottom rupee you are in good hands if you pick one of their products. This is where performance, quality and value for money comes together in razor universe. Their razors vary from fairly conservative to outright Bollywood splendour, and boy do they ever have the moves!  Their shaving action ranges from mild to medium aggressive, so basically anyone can use them. 

The Varient's claim to fame is adjustability at a price that cannot be beaten. Apart from that it has some pretty sterling looks, the 110 mm tall all metal monster tips the scale at 111 grams, one of the heaviest razors around, it's weight alone can strip a warthog's mane by using slight movements similar to swinging a magic wand. it has settings from 1 to 5, with one being the mildest, and five the most aggressive, there are of course many smaller possible adjustments between the 'numbers' and the one I checked out passes five and go right up to four again before the cap releases; a possible 'surgical skin removal' setting! As with most Parker razors, it offers great grip on the knurled handle, on this model slightly better grip is achieved on the adjustment knob which is nice and large. Apart from the dial's functionality it sits beautifully on our pinky finger when holding it in 'destroy whiskers' mode. It is a two piece razor with instructions added to the box, remember to align the sides with the marks on top and bottom when re-assembling after inserting the blade.