Pearl K2 3-piece dual handle safety razor.

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Pearl razors is one of the leading manufacturers of men's shaving and personal care products in India offering great quality and reasonably priced products under the brand name 'PEARL'

The K2 offering is unique in that it offers a long and short handle, so if you are looking for a great gift for someone this is a safe bet as many new users may find the shorter handles a bit awkward, but they do tend to gravitate towards the shorter handles as they get to 'know the game' The ladies tend to stick to the longer handles, making this a great option for them also.

The razor has a wide head with the advantage that the 90 degree angles of the blades are well protected, and there is certainly no blade overhang on the sides, the package seem to have been designed with much though into safety, appearance and general consumer appeal. 

The blade sits well positioned on the cap, but the real action starts when you screw the handle onto the thread of the cap, the blade gets curved quite a bit making sure there is no blade movement when stationary or in use. The razor looks good with the satin chrome finish and the polished chrome baseplate, a funky trend that is mostly embraced by smaller manufacturers selling expensive wares, so it is a nice feature to see in razors that are more affordable.

In the box; 10 blades, complete razor head and baseplate with two handle options, cleaning rag, thank you card and instruction booklet.

Some specs;

Colour: Premium chrome & silver matt, Handle material: Brass
Razor total height:  115 mm with the long handle and 90 mm with the short handle Razor handle lengths 75 & 100 mm
Razor handle weights 40 & 50 grams
Razor head material: Zinc alloy
Razor head type: Close comb (Zinc alloy)
Razor Head Weight: 36 grams
Razor Head Width: 50 mm