Pearl L-65 semi slant safety razor with stainless steel handle

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Pearl razor is one of the leading manufacturers of men's shaving and personal care products in India, they offer great quality and reasonably priced products under the brand name 'PEARL'

The L-65 is the first slant on offer from this manufacturer, and they have certainly done their part to make this a cool razor to add to your 'must have list' Word of warning, if you suffer from any shape or form of OCD stay well clear from this razor, not only is the blade slanted for the guillotine effect, it is also tilted, and in the typical nature of similar razors the cap is round on the one end and more triangular on the othet, it will drive you NUTS! If 'technical shaving' is your thing, you have a lot of meat to work with in getting to know the abilities of this razor used in various positions, angles, sides and orientations. It has festures resembling that of the vintage Mulcuto Schrägschnitt razor. Bringing a unique tool like this to market will always be hard to pull off, so kudos to Pearl for this release, grab one before they decide to pull it and you have to wait another 100 years for someone else to replicate this setup! 

From the Pearl website; 

The slant bar razor out as a fixed-angle, non-adjustable razor designed for a distinctive shaving experience. What sets it apart is the slanted blade, allowing for a slicing motion that efficiently cuts through hair, unlike the straight edge of a typical DE razor that tends to push stubble over, resulting in a coarser feel post-shave. The slant bar’s clean slicing action, coupled with a maintained gap between the blade and the skin, is particularly beneficial for individuals with thick, wiry hair and sensitive skin. This razor excels in reducing resistance during shaving, leading to softer stubble and minimizing irritation. Its precision is especially advantageous for navigating the challenges of a neck shave, where varying grain patterns and delicate skin demand a skilled approach. In essence, the slant bar razor offers a refined, irritation-free shave, making it an excellent tool for those seeking a smooth and comfortable grooming experience.

Product Details:

Razor Material: Razor Handle Stainless steel (316L)

Razor Head Special Zinc alloy

Razor Color: Matt Nickle

Razor Height: 10.5cm

Razor Handle Height 10 cm

Razor Handle Weight: 62gm*

Razor Weight: 107gm*

Razor Head Height: 1.1cm

Razor Head Weight: 45gm*

Razor Head Type: Close comb semi-slant (Special Zinc alloy)

In the box; 10 blades, complete razor, cleaning rag, thank you card, instruction booklet and a packet of plastic rings for use between the head and handle.

We cannot find any review video on this yet, so this is your chance to becoming a Youtuber-billionaire, review the razor and send us your link!


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