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Pearl razors is one of the leading manufacturers of shaving and personal care products in India, they offer great quality and reasonably priced products under their registered brand name.

The SBF-14 razor is a classic Twist-to-open razor with a medium to mild shaving profile, we got this razor as it matches the SHD-24  razor with the same handle, making it a great set for a couple who likes to match their bathroom wares. The grip on both these razors is great, and both have high quality chrome finishes. This razor comes in a neat box with a pack of blades and a 'lappie' to clean it with and make it shine like a fully customized Harley.  It twists open on the dial that is situated just below the razor head, beautifully 'disguised' as part of the cool handle.   

The razor weighs a 88 grams, and has an overall height of 111 mm.     

Customer Reviews

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Perfect razor

While I have nothing to compare it to in my collection, I am very pleased with this razor. Bearing in mind this could be considered a cheaper or "beginner" razor, I fail to see what features this razor doesn't have will really please me.

Beautifully chrome coated and the welding well concealed. The hinges prove sturdy and the mechanism is not finicky at all. The neat knurling gives adequate grip even when whet.

The razor is mild and handles wonderfully in hand regarding the weight. The blade is kept perfectly and can't "wiggle" when closed up.

The packaging is neat and includes a packet of Gillette Wilkinson Sword razors.