Pearl shaving T121 two piece safety razor.

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We liked the appearance of this razor and felt the need to add a cheaper 2 piece razor for guys wanting to experience it. The razor has quite a flat cap and base plate setup, so it will work pretty well under your nose and other difficult spots. Our whiskers sung nicely when we used this paired with a Minora blade, and the head delivered a medium shave with good feedback. It was comfortable to use for all passes, and had a nice feel and look to it with its thick handle and fine knurling. There are some runs on the knurling which are not perfect, but not something that interferes with grip and appearance all that much, in fact the knurling is better than most other razors as it is very fine and has a 'bity' feel to it, much like an uncoated stainless steel handle. All in all, a good looking middle of the road razor weighing in at 98 grams, with a sensible length of 113 mm. This razor comes in a box with a 'lappie' to clean its surface and 5 blades to get you rolling.