'Pearly gates' brush and bowl set (ABB79)

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This set is just so clean, shiny and giving, it reminds me of those magical moments in movies when a film star dies and the heavens opens up with an insane amount of light and pulls them in! The bowl is made of vintage silver and is the real deal, no plating here, it has beautiful detailed patterns and swirls engraves/punched into the exterior adding some indents on the inside that should help with the creation of the perfect lather.

The brush is made from resin and a few slices of Abelone shell in its natural state, we love the way the light peeps through the bottom section when held just right. The brush was made long to show the 'miniature lifeforms you normally miss when looking at this sea creature, but also to make lathering in this deep bowl easy and quick with no banging on the sides. The brush is fitted with a 24 mm knot that is made from 50% High Mountain white bristle