Perlemoentjie (ARB25)

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I love scuba diving and the big blue will never fail to fascinate or disappoint. Some reefs are colourful and full of life and the shallower reefs tend to be rockier with less colour, but more sunlight and water action keeps them interesting and pretty. Abelone shell makes for a great 'rocky bed' while resin fills in as water and air.

I am certainly playing around with the Abelone shell a bit more, apart from the pearly effect it offers, the shell presents beautiful texture, form and patterning.


The brush stands 132 mm tall, with the loft at 54 mm. It has a waist of 24 mm and a belly of 41 mm. The brush weighs 114 grams and has a 26 mm High density Finest two band knot in a fan shape.