Phoenix Prismatic (UR18)

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The Prismatic is a revised take reproduction of a vintage razor, the The Kirby Beard Co Razor of England...or actually by The French Razor Company Leresche.

The Kirby Beard Co razors are mostly known for their eye catching scalloped top cap and their continuous solid guard bar. Very unique in their time (30's and 40's), and very unique now. Most importantly, they are known by many an old time collector as great, shavers!

Scalloped head razors are better at irritation free shaves, if you like slippery and wet, try this badboy.

Read some more about this offering here.

a Modern take on a legend. The razor has nickel plating on both the brass handle and alloy head.

This is a used razor in immaculate condition, and comes in the original box.

Customer Reviews

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Smooth sailing

The razor is mild but efficient. There is some noise feedback which is nice as this razor feels almost impossible to nick yourself with. The scalloped head is so smooth and leaves some soap behind if you are buffing. A great razor at a bargain price, thanks Jaco.