Piany PIB-ML eyebrow razor

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The removal of facial hair for ladies is always a touchy subject, but the worste contributor to this activity is the old wives tale that your hair will grow back thicker, quicker and coarser. Any sensible person spending half an hour on the internet researching the subject will find out it is still 'taboo' in some circles, mostly out of pure ingnorance as some women have been doing it for years, some folks go for 'dermaplaning' which is basically shaving with these! There are also some channels on Youtube where ladies shave with all sorts of devices and consumables, and finding out how to use this tool is quite a simple task.

Follow the science and then decide if it is for you/not, simple as that, most blogs and 'how-to' articles are written with half truths to keep you engaged while they earn advertising revenue, so be objective when you consider this as part of your beauty regime. 

The Piany PIB-ML is an eyebrow razor with removable guard, it has a blade profile suitable for finer hair. It is perfect for trimming fine eyebrows and smaller areas with fine hair, they are also compact and light, so perfect for your travel bag. 

Feather blades are made in Japan and are well known around the globe for it's superior blade quality.

The price is per pack of 3. The razor is 133 mm long and weighs 4 grams