Piany VIO feminine care razor.

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This one is for the ladies, unless you have been dead-set on maintaining a 1970's bush you have probably used various tools, lotions, waxes, chemicals and treatments to make sure your man-magnet stays neatly trimmed and attractive from afar and importantly from a-close! Some options could have been painful, clunky, expensive, cumbersome, not very effective or even downright nerve wrecking! Here is a cool tool that will help you make the task easy and effective, why not give it a bash!?

Feather blades are made in Japan and are well known around the globe for it's superior blade quality, this tool is a must have for any dudette looking for a simple, reliable and effective solution to 'keep things civilized' 

Only a few are available right now to see if our customers enjoy them, so grab one before they are gone!