Porker in the woods (CB155)

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There is something very classical about a boar bristle knot in a natural colored Yellow wood handle, it looks timeless, like a brush you'd find in the huts the lumberjacks who roamed the Knysna and Tsitsikamma areas years ago, taking down enormous old trees to create fine and durable furniture and other usable objects. This one is also much the same size as the brushes of yesteryear, so feel free to dig into nostalgia with this one! The handle is fitted with a 21 mm boar brush that is ready to work, but will improve over the first couple of weeks if used regularly. I prefer for my boar brushes to break in evenly with daily use, but for those of you who have not got the patience for this, have a look here on how to speed up the process. Dimensions are 121 mm tall, a loft of 54 mm, a waist of 26 mm and a collar that measures 22 mm. It weighs 62 grams.