Protester's friend (CB246)

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Ya...chunky, hard and heavy, perfect for hurling towards something or someone you feel is threatening your own entitlement! Remember kleilat, skipping stones on water, picking off tins set up on a wall...boy how things have taken a turn for the worse! 

Back to the good stuff... This brush is quite uniform in shape and will fit large hands and strong shoulders (it's quite heavy considering the medium height) The natural knurl in barberpole fashion just loves a middlefinger curling around it. Claw it with the first three fingers while it sits on your ringfinger, and you are in the zone!  

This hardekool brush is fitted with a 28mm Silvertip knot, it weighs 108 grams, stands a 112 mm high with a loft of 55 mm. The brush is 36 mm on the most narrow section, so it will be too fat for most stands, but I am pretty sure it will be ok on its foot!

Hurl this one into your basket and experience a pure form of power!