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Whether the man in your life sports a full beard, prefers a smooth face or goatee, a moustache or a thin, neat and trimmed beard, he has to do regular grooming and trimming to stay neat and approachable, unless he is shooting for an acting job in 'Planet of the Apes 4' Our all-metal DE1 razor is a great tool to have for trimming beard lines, hair lines, cleaning your neck area front and back or to shave your face to a baby butt smooth complexion. 15 blades will give him around 75 full shaves or months worth of trims! Men love our all-metal razors, once they have changed over they will never go back to fake and flimsy plastic. The best value buy on the continent right here! This razor is available in our 'Bundubeard' or 'Boendoebaard' logos. 

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