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The Chinese have a way of buying raw materials from countries turning it into more valuable resources and then selling it back to countries around the globe, a great concept if you want to build your economy, not so great when you are the ones supplying them with raw materials. I have decided to turn the tables on them, I am using their Gold Dollar razors, converting them into something else and then selling it a a higher rate, watch out Jack Ma, you are going down bro!

I love Gold Dollar razors and I don't hide this fact, if it was not for them there would be way less folks trying out this great way of shaving, they are not bad blades either, they tend to be a bit softer than most vintage and handmade razors, but there has to be trade-offs in this price range. They hone easily and I mostly take them up to a quick 8k progression and where they are quite comfortable. a Gold Dollar is cheap to buy, cheap to maintain and if you buy a rat you will have a unique razor at that!

This razor has a blade that has been abused in acid and dipped in blackening solution and mineral oil. The blade sits in 3D printed scales and has stainless steel pins and washers. The blade is nice and tight and it is shave ready. The razor weighs 63 grams and has an 6/8 blade size.

The only promise we make....it will shave, and well at that!