Razor and brush stand in clear or black acrylic

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Light, rustproof and cheaper than a bottle of brandy! The stand is also quite light at 50 grams, so something that travels well, it's square shape also makes it easy to pack. It is pretty sturdy and steady, but will obviously show some deflection with heavier razors and brushes, for most razors and brushes it should be perfectly fine. My personal thinking was to steam the bottom bend over a kettle and adjust it to be perfectly plumb, but I was quite happy with the ones I photographed. I'll try the steam sometime in future and adjust this description if it worked. It can handle longer brushes and razors as its dimension from top to bottom is almost 120 mm, it will accommodate brushes with a waist of up to 28 mm, most brushes can also sit on top of the stand with only the knot protruding through the slot. The hole for the razor handle is 16.7 mm, allowing for thicker handles and razors with knobs and dials with a diameter of up to 16 mm be inserted through the space provided for this. The base width is 65 mm and the depth required for it to stand fully supported is 90 mm.