RazoRock Game Changer .84-P Double-Edge Razor

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The Razorock game changer was named this way as it's primary purpose was to produce a great shaving, all-stainless razor that would be cheaper than all other options out there. Razorock has surely produced a great looking machine at a great price, we have to give them that, if it beats other razors comes down to personal choice, but for us its is certainly a firm favorite to take the 'best razor out there' award when you consider all it offers. We love all their stainless three pieces, as they are easy to use, tough as nails and will surely go the distance if you want a razor for life, they also look and feel great in hand, and one really needs nothing else in a razor if you are a 'regular guy'wanting top quality gear.The razors have been finished using a vibratory tumbling finish process which maintains the highest possible tolerances for the razors. This means the razors will not be mirror finished and will not be mark-free. The razors may have some milling marks or finishing marks. The razors can always be jewelry polished by the client later but our goal with this razor is not an exclusive finish, but rather a superb, durable shaver at the lowest possible price.

The entire razor weighs 100 grams and stands 96 mm tall, The blade gap (dimension between the bar and the blade) on this razor is 0.84 mm, and each razor has a unique serial number. It is a medium to aggressive razor depending on the blades you choose and a few other factors, so please experiment with this one, once you hit a home run combination with it, it will be hard to put down and reach for other razors. 

The current stock are all fitted with Razorock's UFO handle, which is not yet readily available from us as a loose item.

Stand not included, razor blade/s not included in this offer.


Customer Reviews

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This razor is beautiful. Well made, quality materials...and not made in China.

It looks a little intimidating when you put a blade in it - the edge is fairly exposed. But, when shaving, it reveals a medium aggressive shave, just what I was looking for. It also offers a great "sound" as the blade cuts the stubble...satisfying feedback while shaving.

I highly recommend this razor! Well worth the money.