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Slant razors looks freekishly good in a twisted sort of way, the purpose of their design is to achieve a cutting action that is bi directional, also slicing the hair much like the cutting action you'd have when slicing Listeria-free polony. Another benefit of a slant razor is that the blade is torqued in two directions, increasing the mechanical strength and making the blade more rigid; a thin but rigid blade cuts more efficiently. Slant razors are perfect for tough beards and sensitive skin. With a sharper blade they cut whiskers like a hot knife through butter and thus require less passes with the razor. 

The head design is of German origin....seems like the Europeans are getting along well with each other!  

The razors weighs a 99 grams, and stands 97 mm tall, included in the box a bonus-pack of 5 Derby blades to get you going on your cue ball smooth shaving journey. This razor features the stainless steel Bulldog handle with a Zinc alloy head that has been chromed to a durable mirror like finish, pretty and tough, a great combination.

The razors currently in stock are fitted with the Razorock BULLDOG handle.     

Stand not included, choose the 13.5 mm option for this razor.

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Kemp

This little beauty has nice heft, a nice grippy stainless handle, and it is extremely efficient without being harsh or scary. An enjoyable shave. One pass did the job, but don't be afraid to go again if you have the time and savouring the experience is your thing!

Pieter Fourie
German 37 Slant

This is an excellent piece of stubble cutting engineering! I love the quality of the Razorock products overall and you can feel it the second you pick up this razor. The stainless steel “radio knob” handle is beautiful, solid and heavy. The head is kind of weird looking and mean, but it cuts very efficiently and it’s not too aggressive. I am very interested to see how the different blades will perform in this razor. I think this razor is better when you shave across the grain especially when I was shaving my jawline. Very happy with this razor.

Brian Stedall
Razorock German 37 Slant razor

A fantastic razor at a fantastic price giving a fantastic shave. An excellent buy.