RazoRock Lupo 95 in 316 L stainless steel

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This razor is manufactured in Ontario, Canada, and is basically the younger boet of the aluminium Lupo, only stonger and more durable, with these additional changes; the razor can now rest on the side of its head while still keeping the guard width the same as the width of the blade, a scalloped bar has been added and the supplier offers it in various arrangements to allow a bit of variance in aggression. The model on offer from us is the most a aggressive version and they have, with a HALO handle fitted as standard. We might increase base plate options in future depending on local market demand, but feel free to dive in at the deep end with this one and get stubble slashing!

Each razor has a unique serial number, making it easy to track when the airports company do their obligatory suitcase rummage and re-distribution of your belongings!

The razor feels nice and sturdy with a solid fit in its bare state, and clamps/hold the blade tighter than an Ontario squirrel would hang on to its nuts, or something to that effect.

The razor weighs 88 grams and stands 88 mm tall.