RazoRock Lupo (Silver)

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If its all about cutting your weight down the Lupo is certainly a great option. The Razorock Lupo safety razor is CNC milled from corrosion-resistant 6066 aluminium making it lightweight and extremely durable. In addition, the aluminium has been anodized for added protection and corrosion-resistance. It is an 'improved version' of the Wolfman WR1 safety razor, The head covers the blade tabs, one of the improvements that RazoRock touts over the Wolfman WR1. The razor weighs in at a very light 28 grams and has a length of 93 mm. The razor is only available in silver right now, but we will add other options if it becomes a hit here by us, either north or south of the boerworsgordyn! It has a medium cutting action and will be a great option as a travel razor or daily driver.

This razor comes with 5 Derby blades in the box to get you cracking.

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