RazoRock Lupo (Silver)

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If its all about cutting your weight down the Lupo is certainly a great option. The Razorock Lupo safety razor is CNC milled from corrosion-resistant 6066 aluminium making it lightweight and extremely durable. In addition, the aluminium has been anodized for added protection and corrosion-resistance. It is an 'improved version' of the Wolfman WR1 safety razor, The head covers the blade tabs, one of the improvements that RazoRock touts over the Wolfman WR1. The razor weighs in at a very light 28 grams and has a length of 93 mm. The razor is only available in silver right now, but we will add other options if it becomes a hit here by us, either north or south of the boerworsgordyn! It has a medium cutting action and will be a great option as a travel razor or daily driver.

This razor comes with 5 Derby blades in the box to get you cracking.

Customer Reviews

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Good everyday user

Mild but fairly efficient shave.
Flat head gets into tight areas like under the nose easily.
Really ( yes really ) is light-weight.
Handle can get slippery as there is no knurling.
Needs to be rinsed in use more often than other razors due to very flat compact design.

Good everyday use razor. Recommend to daily shavers and / or those getting into double edge razors. Will make a good first razor.

Russell Tiedt
Awesome Shave

Been using a Feather Popular for around 2 years now. Bought the Lupo as an upgrade. Despite getting 5 Derby Green blades with the Lupo, I chose to use a fresh Supa-Max Green Platinum blade. Using Gillette foam, instead of soap, did a 2 pass shave, resulting in the smoothest shave, I have had in a long time.

Lupo, gives a smooth, effortless shave, likely to be better with proper lather. Handle does not slip, with wet hands, tho may do so, with supa slick lather on fingers.

Would rather the handle, had same form factor as RazoRock Bulldog handle, but hey, it looks good, in it's own right.

All together, a nice looking razor, well made, and does the business properly. Just want a nice box to store it in, to make sure, nothing dings the bade edge, between uses.