Razorock Mentor safety razor

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The Mentor is the older boet of the Mission safety razor, it also has an alloy head with a stainless steel handle, only more aggressive. It is a great single pass shaver for a quick in-and-out shave when you are in a hurry. The 316 L handle will last many generations if well cared for and we do offer similar heads should you want to make some additions/changes to this configuration. This Razor has Razo's Bulldog handle that has great knurling and a smooth ring at the bottom end to guide your ring finger to the correct gripping position. 

This razor comes with a 5-pack of Derby blades.

The razor weighs a 105 grams, and stands 99 mm tall    

The current stock of these razors are fitted with the Razorock BULLDOG handle.

Stand excluded, but be sure to go for the 13.5 mm option if you are after one of these.