Razorock Mission Safety Razor

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The mission is one of the cheapest safety razors, if not the cheapest razor with a stainless steel handle and a chromed head. The razor has a mild action and is great for beginners, or folks with sensitive skin. The 316 L handle will last many generations if well cared for and is a wise choice as one could always upgrade the head to a more aggressive version at a fraction of the price of a new razor. This Razor has Razo's Bulldog handle, it has great knurling and a smooth ring at the bottom end to guide your ring finger to the correct gripping position. 

This razor comes with a 5-pack of Derby blades to make it an even better deal, we are not sure for how long Razo will be able to give these to us for 'nothing', so grip one now while they are still dirt cheap, they are bound to escalate regardless whether the limping rand picks up it's head. 

The razors weighs a 100 grams, and stands 97 mm tall    

The current stock of these razors are fitted with the Razorock BULLDOG handle.

Stand excluded, (choose the 13.5 mm option)