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The SLOC is a close cousin of the Razo Mission razor, the major difference being on the head, where the solid bar/cap has been replaced with a slotted/toothed comb/cap.   SLOC is an acronym for Self Lubricating Open Comb. The RazoRock SLOC is based on a 1940's vintage razor called the Grand Shave King Self Lubricating razor. What makes the SLOC different is the open comb teeth on both the top cap and the base plate. The design helps to trap extra shaving lather in the teeth providing extra lubrication and glide on each stroke of the razor. Some people even call it the ultimate blade buffing razor because you can go over the same spot several times with less chance of irritation.

This Razor has Razo's BULLDOG handle, it has great knurling and a smooth ring at the bottom end to guide your ring finger to the correct gripping position. 

This razor comes with a 5-pack of Derby blades to make it an even better deal.

The razors weighs a 97 grams, and stands 97 mm tall    

Stand excluded, (choose the 13.5 mm option)

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