RazoRock Wunderbar slant

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The Wunderbar is considered by Razorock as their masterpiece, understandably machining parts with sloping angles from metal is not the easiest feat, the head is machined to two-thousandths of an inch to the specification, and each top cap and base plate has to be mated together manually because the tolerances are so exact, even a thousandth of an inch here or there makes a difference, so make sure you don't mix this one up with the other 4 you already have in your collection!

The razor is made from 316 L stainless steel, and is finished using a 3 stage, 3 media, 24 hour, special vibratory tumble process. It's what's called a "Fine Finish", somewhere between a matte finish and a high polish finish. it weighs 108 grams and stands 91 mm tall. This shipment has the Radio knob handle fitted to it.

This razor has nice and tight tolerances but this brings one caveat, if you are using a blade with a lot of glue on it, we urge you to take the blade out after each shave. If you leave a blade with a lot of glue/wax in the razor for long periods of time, the head will be difficult to disassemble because of the super tight tolerances.

This seems to be a very efficient razor, have a look at this review for some more insights.