Reclaimed LED (CB256)

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This upcycled brush is fitted with a 26mm boar bristle knot. This brush has a piece of Sekelbos on the collar with some white and black resin that surrounds an outer heatsink housing if a LED lamp giving it some shiny alu-stripes, it was a test and well have to refine the process a bit more, but it is solid with a good knot, so it needs to find a home! It tips the scale at 123 grams, stands 138 mm high, with a loft of 58 mm.

Treat with any natural product as and when required, our number one choice being a coating or two of our balm. We are working at two new balms more suited to use on wood and leather, but fir now our 'My Bliksem' aftershave balm works a charm.