Red and Grey Earthenware bowl and cup set

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Without trying to sound like a botoxed-up Northern JHB suburbs tannie nearing her 50's.....are these not simply gooooooooorgeous!? Enameled steel is as much part of our Saffer tradition as Marie biscuits and biltong, but these two add a bit of flair and appeal over their lime green and dirty yellow cousins we all know so well.

The small cup is perfect for the soaking of your brush, or your espresso in the bush made on that smouldering Hardekool stump. The bowl is great to whip up a lather, the ear fits nicely over any finger to avoid any slip and sliding. I suppose it can also be used in the veld for your soup, cereal, pudding or biltong snacks for your guests at dusk as it is just so damn pretty! I am having my afternoon beer and morning coffee in one just to make sure I can add that to the list also!

The bowl measures 113 mm across the rim, around 70 on the base and is 57 mm high, and weighs 118 grams, the little mug is around 60 mm by 60 mm and weighs just under 100 grams.

I could only get my hands on a few sets, I am hoping I can get some more!