Redox rolling razor 1935 (V336)

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Here is another model razor that has not graced our pages before. The Redox rolling razor was patented in 1935, it works similar as the King razor, a set of rollers are orientated in such a way that they make contact with your skin as the razor glides down your cheeks, this action then transfers to move a square little box on the base plate sideways and back again, the blade sits over the box, meaning it oscilates sideways while doing the task of cutting the stubble on your cheeks.

This razor has it's original 'Crocodile skin print' box. it has a tear in the one corner, but is still presentable. Inside the box is an unopened pack of 5 blades, you may want to use one of these to serve as a template to modify modern razor blades to fit the razor so that you can actually use and enjoy it. The razor is in great shape and perfect working order with parts that are moving freely and effortlessly.

Hen's teeth I tell you!