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316L Stainless, adjustable and well made... these three features brought together in one cool design makes this razor very desirable, add to this a lifetime guarantee and the fact that it is NOT made in China and we are sold on it even more. The Rex weighs in on quite a hefty 100 grams and stands 87 mm tall, it sits very well in hand and has some real teeth when it comes to the knurling on the handle, this we love! Fashioned with the vintage Gilette's in mind, but with a simple blade change mechanism similar to the  Merkur 34c, this baby has the looks, simplicity, hardiness and durability to go the full distance. Adjustabilty makes this the go-to razor for the dude who wants a premium product that he will use for a lifetime, it will handle all your stages of beard, from teen-fluff, through to your mid-life-wire-beard, and right back to old-ballie-baldness.