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RK blades is a fairly new player in the double edge blades market, and are notching up some good reviews. We must admit that most blades from Hindustan are pretty impressive, what is going on here, a hostile takeover of the double edged blade market!?

I had a word with the brand manager Laura and she informed me that this is not the same blade that is available around the globe, this version uses 'Super' stainless rather than than the 'Normal' stainless steel used in the product that is available in the rest of the world, and this is only available in the SADEC region. We are happy to add another 'local-is-lekka' product to our range, albeit not made locally, it was developed by a local team, and is made specifically for our market! 

Try these and see if they are a good fit for you, if indeed so and feedback is positive we will try and make this economic offering part of our inventory indefinitely.

Blades are cheaper than chips, so you got nothing to loose by trying our entire range to find your favorite, it's quite a kicker if you find a better or cheaper blade when you have been shaving for 40 years, so make the effort and try all the brands and new ones making their appearance in the market space. With your support the good ones will stay and the bad ones will fade away.

Packs have 5 blades in them.


Customer Reviews

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Great for those that like something in the middle.

Aggressiveness: Medium
Smoothness: 9/10
Closeness of Shave: 9.5/10
Efficiency: 9/10
Drop-off after each shave: Slight