Rockwell razor Model 6S Stainless steel (Matte finish)

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Stainless steel razors are pretty hard to come by, and the ones available comes at a premium, quite rightly so as they are simply amazing. In comes the the Rockwell 6S, dubbed 'The Holy Grail of shaving' by its makers and puts a stainless steel razor within anyone's reach - The Rockwell 6S provides six levels of adjustability, to ensure any and every man can redefine the closeness, smoothness, and comfort of their shave. The system provides a patented 6 level shaving platform, enabled by the use of either side of the 3 plates included in the box to obtain 6 different blade angles to your skin. Packaged in a nice box with 5 blades this is the perfect gift for any guy, whether you are the donor or the recipient of this razor, you are going to be stoked either way. This razor will last several generations, a pretty cool investment.

In the box;

 – Handle with knurled grip
– 3 reversible base plates providing sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
– Plate A: Sizes 1 and 3, Plate B: Sizes 2 and 4, Plate C: Sizes 5 and 6
– Blade cap
– 5 Rockwell double-edge razor blade 

This razor is nice and hefty and weighs in at 113 grams with a overall length of 95mm.


    Customer Reviews

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    Rockwell 6s

    I have a few razors ranging from mild to aggressive. Recently bought two Karve razors,both aluminium and brass. They are super smooth and quality razors. The rockwell always intrigued me but never got around to getting one. Big mistake on my part. The Rockwell on plate 3 is a very smooth razor with almost no blade feel. I should have bought this razor earlier. Quality razor. Will explore the other plates with time. I can recommend this razor to anyone.

    Hype Worthy

    I have had several DE razors but this is simply the best. Completely stainless steel, fully adjustable to your shaving needs, and a very smooth and comfortable shave - this razor is G.O.A.T worthy.

    Despite the seemingly high financial outlay this razor returns value in spades.

    I regret not taking the plunge earlier and once you buy it you will too.

    The Best Razor

    I have a number of razors in my collection acquired over the last 15 years shaving with DE razors
    Including Feather,Meule and Mercur.

    Without a doubt this is the best razor I have ever owned.

    Quality of the razor is superb and she shaves like a dream so smooth and the versatility and ease of adjusting the type of shave I require is superb.

    The weight and feel of this fine tool is awesome.

    I loved her so much I have ordered a second one