Rockwell razor Model 2C Razor (Gunmetal finish)

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The Rockwell 2C Safety Razor has 2 settings using either side of the plate that comes with the razor, it's made from high-end chromed zinc alloy with a smokey gunmetal finish.
This is not a fully adjustable razor in the true sense of the word, you have to switch the base plate over to change from setting 1 to setting 3, these are Rockwell's most popular settings being mild and medium, and unless you enjoy a more aggressive shave, this one will knock your socks of with its performance and price. 
The finely knurled handle delivers a superbly reassuring, firm grip even when your hands are wet and slippy. In the box you will find 1 gunmetal handle, 1 plate (1/3), 1 cap and a box of 5 Rockwell blades to get you going on that first rocking shave.

Pair it up with a Rockwell stand that is made to fit their razors for a great display on your bathroom counter.

Not quite as heavy as its big brother, but still a nice hefty 96 grams, with an overall length of 95mm.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Rock on, Rockwell, rock on!

    Let me begin by saying that I have only been wet shaving for about a year and a half but it does not take an expert to spot a top quality product. This razor is better than I thought it would be and was well worth the price.

    In my wet shaving journey thus far, I have transitioned from the plastic Lion and Super-Max razors (ugh) to the metal DE1 from Bundubeard. The Rockwell 2C is by far the best safety razor I have used to date without a doubt.

    Its clean and gorgeous design, gunmetal finish (which I chose) and that knurling on the handle for extra grip just caught my eye right away when scrolling on Bundubeard. The quality of my shaves has definitely skyrocketed since picking up this fantastic tool.

    A true masterpiece of a safety razor. Over time I got used to the weight, which I have learnt is actually a good thing when wet shaving. The height is just perfect and I cannot say anything bad about this razor. If you're in doubt about getting the Rockwell 2C, don't be! I am sure that you will love it too. The same goes for any Rockwell product for that matter.

    Thanks as always for your excellent service Bundubeard 🫶

    Vernard de Villiers
    Top Quality

    After using this razor for a while, I have formed the opinion that it is definitely one of the very best razors that money can buy. It is incredibly smooth and equally consistent. The quality is, of course, superb - like any Rockwell product - and yet, this particular model is priced far below the 6S, which is the exact same razor apart from being made out of stainless steel (which is nice, but not worth it IMO) and the 2C comes with fewer plates (although there is the 6C for that). Basically, I'm in love with this razor and consider it money well spent.

    Reynard Smit
    The Best Razor I have ever used

    I have not used many razors in my days, since I'm only 18 but I will never use a shop razor again. I urge every one and any that uses a razor to get a safety razor. Look no further than this. The Weight is great and the two settings make it wonderful to use. Best shave I have ever had need I say more.