Rockwell razor Model 2C Razor (White chrome finish)

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The Rockwell 2C Safety Razor has 2 settings using either side of the plate that comes with the razor, it's made from high-end chromed zinc alloy with a bright chrome finish.
This is not a fully adjustable razor in the true sense of the word, you have to switch the base plate over to change from setting 1 to setting 3, these are Rockwell's most popular settings being mild and medium, and unless you enjoy a more aggressive shave, this one will knock your socks of with its performance and price. 
The finely knurled handle delivers a superbly reassuring, firm grip even when your hands are wet and slippy. In the box you will find 1 gunmetal handle, 1 plate (1/3), 1 cap and a box of 5 Rockwell blades to get you going on that first rocking shave.

Pair it up with a Rockwell stand that is made to fit their razors for a great display on your bathroom counter.

Not quite as heavy as its big brother, but still a nice hefty 96 grams, with an overall length of 95mm.


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