Rockwell razor Model 2C Razor (White chrome finish)

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The Rockwell 2C Safety Razor has 2 settings using either side of the plate that comes with the razor, it's made from high-end chromed zinc alloy with a bright chrome finish.
This is not a fully adjustable razor in the true sense of the word, you have to switch the base plate over to change from setting 1 to setting 3, these are Rockwell's most popular settings being mild and medium, and unless you enjoy a more aggressive shave, this one will knock your socks of with its performance and price. 
The finely knurled handle delivers a superbly reassuring, firm grip even when your hands are wet and slippy. In the box you will find 1 gunmetal handle, 1 plate (1/3), 1 cap and a box of 5 Rockwell blades to get you going on that first rocking shave.

Pair it up with a Rockwell stand that is made to fit their razors for a great display on your bathroom counter.

Not quite as heavy as its big brother, but still a nice hefty 96 grams, with an overall length of 95mm.


    Customer Reviews

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    from bic to rockwell is like coti golf to merc

    because of the resulting ingrown hairs, pimples and burn, i've basically been trimming my face for probably 20 years. even electric shavers left my face stinging afterwards. so last month i got a bic razor out of curiosity after reading some positive comments on safety razors being really good. i gave it a go and it gave a pretty decent shave and very little burn afterwards. so i shaved a few more times and started looking at what else is out there.

    i eventually settled on this rockwell after doing some searches (i wanted something a little fancier than the student set's razor). now i wasn't sure what makes one razor better than another, but holy smokes! this one is WAY better than a bic. initially it was terrible until i figured out that the new lion blade i was using was blunt (very blunt!), then after switching to a minora, it was a breeze. i went over places many times, carefully tried across the grain then against the grain,

    Beginner Safety Razor

    I have not been wet shaving for to long now. I would say almost a month and I must say I'm beyond impressed with this razor. The first time I used it I remember I was really scared of cutting myself. My first shave was so nice I didn't even feel the blade (R1 plate setting). I wondered if I was actually shaving anything.
    A really nice razor to get you started with wet shaving. You will easily build confidence and you will be looking forward to your next shave.
    I have really sensitive skin on my neck and it was like the irritation disappeared.
    For those who wanted the gun metal one, I feel you but the chrome one looks better in person trust me. Thanks Jaco and the team for the great service.