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The Rockwell 6C is in being its big brother 6S made from a high-end alloy rather than stainless steel, dressed up all pretty in gunmetal or white chrome. This is the perfect choice if the 6S is just beyond your budget, for now.... Well priced and certainly worth the Ronts you are going to spend on this multi-option razor. 6 Blade gaps from the different plates handles sensitive skin right through to tough as nails effortlessly. The settings are also useful when shaving a beard that has a couple of days on it.

So whether you got a tough-guy face like the 'Bieps' or a smooth complexion like the puppy loving Danny Trejo, this razor will get the job done.   

In the box;

 – Handle with knurled grip
– 3 reversible base plates providing sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
– Plate A: Sizes 1 and 3, Plate B: Sizes 2 and 4, Plate C: Sizes 5 and 6
– Blade cap
– 5 Rockwell double-edge razor blades 

This razor weighs in at 96 grams with a overall length of 95 millimeters.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    A great razor

    Only recently started my journey with a safety razor. Started with the cheap lion one to see if I like the safety razor shave and I loved it but I got some irritation. Most likely technique.
    My second purchase was this beautiful 6C in gunmetal. It is stunning. It has some weight to it and it is so forgiving. For a newbie, you cannot go wrong here.

    Plate 1 and 2 is too mild for me, don’t really use it.

    Plate 3 is good for a daily shave but I have found my sweet spot with plate 5 shaving every 2 to 3rd day.

    I would have liked a butterfly and would have liked to be able to adjust on the go, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to before I purchased it so I cannot fault it.

    The quality is excellent and it shaves really well. Excellent piece!

    Heavy, precise, versatile

    I'm really enjoying this razor, especially the versatility of the 6 settings.
    I have a fairly light beard and was transitioning from a very mild razor (the Henson AL13); so I started at the mild end, with insert #2. Went up to #4 and settled back at #3 for the moment. Insert #4 is already quite aggressive (for me, anyway), so I would guess that #6 would be good for a very heavy beard. The 3-piece/6-side insert system is very easy to use and works well.
    This is an extremely sturdy and well-designed razor. I particularly like the knurled handle - it's very secure in your hand, even when covered in soap. I also like the fact that the cutting side is fairly narrow (top to bottom), which gives you a nice precise cut line - especially useful for shaving in the line between your face and chin.
    Make no mistake, at 98.7g this is a fairly hefty razor, but the weight feels very reassuring in your hand. (By comparison, the all-aluminium Henson AL13 is probably the lightest DE razor on the market at a mere 38.5g).
    Be careful not to drop it - this sucker could do some serious damage to your toes or even the bathroom floor tiles! Good to see that Jaco now stocks som spares too.

    Incredible Razor

    So much value for money. I recommend this for shavers at all levels of experience. Beginners might be tempted to go the cheap route at first, but I think these razors offer such great value by providing an incredible shaving experience as well as customization to change as you become more experienced.

    By starting off with one of these you are far less likely to have bad shaves that can put you off DE razors. I regret going with a cheapie and underestimating how much of a difference a good razor can make to a shave.

    - Excellent build quality and chrome finish. Glides easily across the skin (heard it's smoother than the 6S)
    - Fantastic balance. Difficult to explain. It just feels right when you hold it.
    - Easy to control. The weight, length and balance combine perfectly to provide excellent control
    - Cuts perfectly every time.
    - Customization is great along with the reassurance that each "level" is based on a solid piece of metal and not some adjustable mechanism that could falter.
    - All of the above at this price? Crazy. Most adjustable razors are far more expensive. Even high-end non-adjustables are typically more expensive.

    - If I were to nitpick I don't like how the non-cutting edges of the blades stick out. It makes it difficult to hold the head in place while screwing/unscrewing

    Cannot recommend this razor enough. If it seems too expensive go for the 2C (same razor just with a single base plate - two adjustment levels) and get other plates later.

    David Vaughan
    Why so late?

    At 61 years old I finally discover the pleasure of using an old school safety razor. Why so late in life I have no idea! Should have done this years ago. Have always wet shaved using cartridge razors. The 6C is a work of art, I love it. The service from Jaco is other worldly. I didn't know service like this still existed in these modern times. Than you for the advice. Already trying to work out which razor to buy next to start a collection.

    An excellent razor!!

    An excellent razor and a great addition to my collection of DE razors. The Gunmetal one looks great and have just the right heftiness in hand (slightly heavier than one would expect). The different plates work well to adjust it to your personal comfort preference. It’s a fantastic razor for the price. My only minor critique is that the blades included are less than ideal, but the razor works well for me with Voskhod and Personna blades and yes even Feather blades as well.