Rockwell razor Model T2 Adjustable safety razor

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The Rockwell Model T is an intuitive, easy to use razor with an adjustable dial that changes the amount of blade exposure to your skin which allows everyone to get a close and comfortable shave. As with most adjustables this razor will serve you well during your baby-face teen fluff stage, your rock hard midlife stubble, and also your 'old ballie baldness' stages of shaving. It is fully adjustable to your skin type and facial hair length - just twist the dial for your perfect shave. It helps to minimize or prevent skin irritation and razor bumps caused by multi-blade cartridge systems and other cheap and nasty stuff out there.

The T2 looks quite similar to the Model T but there are design and construction changes that definitely improve upon the Model T. The section below the head look essentially the same but the head and inner components are different. The major change is the T-bar that has been modified, the bar extends up higher and now sits between the butterfly doors instead of them closing on top of it. This has increased the precision of the razor notably, and addressed some issues like a lazy door found in some of the first models. 

The adjustment and door opening mechanisms functions the same as the iconic Gillette Fatboys, but is a lot smoother, the settings dial does not have the 'clicking' function, but rather a tighter, smoother action that will ensure your razor stays on your chosen setting for the next shave. 

We love the smooth action on this razor, on both the dial that opens the doors and the adjuster dial. Start at a low setting with a mild blade and experiment your way through a load of settings and various blade types to get your shave to the place where you actually nod your head in a 'Job well done' fashion when you stroke your hand over your baby butt smooth, manly jawline. 

In the box you will find the following;

  • 1 Rockwell Model T Adjustable Safety Razor in your desired finish

  • 1 Rockwell Genuine Leather Sheath (Travel Cover)

  • 5-Pack of Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades

  • 1 Instruction Card

🍁 Designed, assembled and inspected in Canada, but will it survive Africa....