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Solid cologne may be a new concept to many, as indeed it has been to us. in simple terms it is all the nice fragrance tones of a conventional alcohol or water based cologne mixed into waxes and oils, neatly packaged in a small aluminium container. The advantages are numerous; very compact, allowed on airplanes, discreet to apply, spill-proof and unbreakable, and these ones from Rockwell smells amazing. It does not deteriorate like conventional colognes as the container and wax prevents oxygen and light from coming in contact with the ingredients. To apply, simply drag your finger over the muti and apply the waxy, Cleopatra dazzling substance on your pulse points such as behind your ears, on your pulses or in your neck. What we also love is the fact that the cologne is quite discrete, so the board's eyes won't water when you enter the room for that killer presentation, as is the case with many liquid based colognes. Applying a bit more does increase the intensity in stages, and it is easily detectable in close conversation, just perfect for smelling great without coming across as a 'laventelhaan'. This is a beautiful Afrikaans word that directly translates into a Lavender cock (male chicken), referring to a man who spends too much time grooming himself, wears too much fragrance and who is also mostly overdressed for most occasions. Super stuff this, we'll definitely be looking out for similar products as it just such a practical, easy to use product. Here is quite a cool, informative clip on solid colognes from someone who seems to know what he is talking about. We added a razor to the pic so you can see how small and compact these buggers are. a Description of each fragrance and its ingredients can be found here.