Rolls Razor (V280)

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What is very interesting about this razor is the marketing strategy around this, lots of effort was made to market this as a high-end gift for young men turning 21. It has a quaility look and feel to it, and I can certainly see it being quite a sought after gift, the gadgetry inside adds to the appeal. The whole DIY shaving, stropping and honing in one case makes the same statement as a young man turning 21, independence, flashy, sturdy. These sets are not that hard to find, but in most cases the honing stone in the one lid is broken, finding one with the original leather in good nick in the opposing lid is not an east task either. 

The set is complete and in good working condition, I had a quick shave on my arm with it and it cuts, but it would need a bit more work to become a regular shaver.

Lots of info on it here.

I love the shape and size of the blade on this, I think this razor will be a very nice shaver once 'tuned up'

a Cool shave and great review here, you might just be surprised with the outcome!