Rooi Afrikaner Tallow shaving soap

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Tallow soaps come in many shapes and forms, and there is no clear definition of what exactly it is, and what the ingredients should be. To us it is simple, lots of rendered beef and pork tallow, caustic soda, clear water and the absolute minimum of anything else needed to achieve the qualities we are looking for in a good shaving soap. 

 The soap is dedicated to the Rooi Afrikaner, it is a species of cattle that is well known throughout Afrikaans and South African farming culture, these beautifully postured herds have been bred locally from prized animals since 1912. The Afrikaner has good temperament and are easy to handle. Afrikaners have good fertility, and can continue to calve over the age of 16 years, with records showing cows calving at 21. The cows are very maternal, and one female will often care for a number of calves while their mothers graze elsewhere, one has got to love such caring beasts!

We stuck as close to the original boerseep recipe as possible. It is a hard soap that takes a tad longer to load and lather, and likes a slightly wetter brush than our original range, but you will be rewarded with a shaving experience that provides a soft, natural feel with loads of slip and lubrication. We rate the post shave feeling as some of the best in the business. The soap will be great to use for all types of skin and beard, from skin as sensitive as your missus about her weight, all the way up the scale to beard as tough as a dagga boy backed into a corner.        

Ingredients: Beef tallow, boar tallow, caustic soda, Bentonite clay, Rooibos tea infused water, castor oil, peppermint oil, rooibos essence. 

Expect the following; Exceptional slickness, basic, light, fresh fragrance, slightly pepperminty, earthy, great skin, great post shave sensation.

*Afrikaner bull pic courtesy from Wegdraai boerderye (click on Rooi Afrikaner in the script to be directed to their website.


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