Bundubabe 'Rooi rokkie' aftershave leg balm for ladies

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If there is one thing I have come to know in my 'years in the business' it is that men have such a wide choice of excellent shaving products and the ladies have so very few, technically all 'male' shaving products could also be used by the dames, but it is certainly not marketed in this manner. I often ask myself what are we missing as the ladies spend more money and effort on personal care than us men, they have softer skin requiring more care, and the areas they shave are larger than the bit we take care of, why are we not looking after their needs and tapping into this market?

So we decided to start and change this; say hello to a new range of aftershave leg and body balms that is formulated specifically for the fairer sex. The balm is made of natural ingredients much the same as our other tallow balms, but we have added virgin coconut oil to make it a bit easier to spread, and also a dash of Honeybush tea extract to boost antioxidant levels. The tallow will feed, moisturize and maintain all skin types, from milky white Victorian era maiden skin right through to surfer chicks and female farmers whose skin are exposed to harsh elements all day long, tallow has this amazing ability to conform to all skin types and deliver a noticeable smoother complexion.

Rooi rokkie is fun, funky and friendly, it is representative of the modern women, but it also has classical, timeless features that have been captured in our fragrance formulation.      

This from the interweb; Tallow absorbs easily at the cellular level without suffocating the skin's barrier. It won't clog your pores and it doesn't leave a greasy feeling which means that it's not only good for dry skin, but oily skin type sufferers can also benefit. Tallow balms are packed with nutrients and they have similar fat saturation levels as we do -  making it easy for our body to absorb. Tallow balms contain vitamins A, D, E, K, and B12, which can all be beneficial to your skin health and appearance. Given tallow’s organic compatibility with our skin, it works as a natural sebum locking in moisture and nutrients without clogging your pores. These properties are what make tallow balms so great not only normal skin, but also for dry, chapped, calloused, cracked, and sun-damaged skin, it also helps for rashes, burning, itching, wrinkles, and so on....what an amazing ingredient is this!

Ladies, with this stuff you'd WANT to wrap your legs around your man and have him come apart at the seams when he strokes his hand over your silky smooth thighs.....OMW let me rather stop right here! Just in case you are not currently in a relationship, we have added a gallery of blokes who said they are interested in women who uses our, and only OUR balm.

This 250 ml tub is huge, so a lot of bang for your buck right here, this is a gamechanger ladies, do try it out! We challenge you to find a similar tallow balm product cheaper anywhere else (cents per ml), point us to such a vendor an we will give you a second balm for free!

*Price dependant on availability of grass fed tallow, and may change without prior notification.

Ingredients; Freerange Grassfed tallow, Cold pressed, virgin coconut oil, Vit E oil, Honeybush tea extract, Fragrance and/or essential oils.


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Locked in Hydration - Everything it claims to be! You'll be left feeling and smelling divine!

I am super impressed with this product!

The first thing I noticed was the naturally sweet marula scent with hints of caramel and vanilla. It is a definite win when it comes to wanting to have a subtle yet deep feminine scent incorporated into your moisturising/post-shave routine without the funny business and pesky additives. Since this product contains marula oil, it really helps to lock in moisture and does not irritate the skin at all.

I have ezcema prone skin and after shaving, my skin normally burns even if I apply ezcema friendly products, but this balm does not irritate my skin at all!

It has the consistency of a whipped cream/balm and once warmed up in your hands, it applies like a dream - super smooth. It absorbs right into your skin and doesn't leave that irritating oily film like most moisturising creams/balms do.

Best thing about this product is that it is multifunctional! I've been using it as a quick go to for adding some moisture in the mornings and then I apply a bit more at night to have some deeper hydration that lasts well into the next day.

Ladies, you won't regret this one!