Rubberset 'Sterilized' Vintage brush (VB19)

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Here is another unique brush that is not readily found in the wild, large brushes in earlier times were quite scarce, and the popularity of the 'Rubberset' brand makes this one even more desirable. We just love the fine cracks on this vintage handle, it ensures this brush stamps down its authority as the old man in the house.  

We fitted this handle with a 30 mm Boar knot to keep it as close as original, large badgers were not available in earlier times. This brush stands 147 mm tall, has a waist of 20 mm and a belly of 30 mm, the collar is 37 mm at the widest diameter. 

The 'Galen Gough' of shaving brushes if you will. Is this the very first video with dubious editing?!